Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Tube Movies

The world’s most popular video-sharing site now has a special section dedicated to full-length feature films – and there’s a lot in store for Bollywood fans here!

Video Editor

JayCut is a powerful online video editor that will accomplish all the basic requirements of an amateur user. Perfect for any YouTube user!

Jaycut is a powerful online video editor that is akin to Windows Movie Maker. It does not offer enough juice for a professional who requires Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut, but an amateur looking to quickly edit a video and post it on YouTube should find JayCut quite handy.

How to find video uploaded on face book!!!!

Name of Website:
Face to find is a Web site that lets you track or find any video uploaded to Facebook. This is provided the videos are of your friends or not tagged as private

Facetofind is a system which enables to watch and download million of videos which you can find in Facebook. You won't need to search around for a video which you or your friends have shared for hours (like in another references before) and will save time.

You won't require different programs or different web-sites for downloading videos and avoid copying and pasting links.

Just write the name of the video which you search into the search box and find it immediately. You can also download rapidly the videos and share them on your profile.

In short, download an watch easily all the videos which you can find in Facebook by courtesy of Facetofind!

Public Domain Clip Art

Website :
This is a simplistic Web site with a lot of free to use clipart that are ideal for presetations and other documents is a HUGE collection of public domain clip art. The collection is FREE and NO REGISTRATION is required. We hope you find the clip art useful for your documents and projects. ENJOY!

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