Monday, February 28, 2011

How to check Email from PayPal is REAL OR FAKE

Iconix Truemark icons can help reduce the risk of email fraud by confirming the source of the sender.

Icon-based Email ID Solution Helps Consumers Easily Identify Email From Trusted Senders

Iconix eMail ID is available for free at for Yahoo! Mail today and MSN Hotmail later this month. In coming months, new versions will support most popular email clients. The Iconix Truemark service is available immediately.

Iconix Truemark software can reduce the risk of email fraud by confirming the source of the sender.
Just download the Iconix software. Then, when you get an email from PayPal, you'll see a Truemark icon - a gold lock with a checkmark - in the sender column. This simple visual indicator says the email is authentic.

How This works:

1. Download the  Iconix Truemark software

2.After Installation, you need to write your email address

3.  After email, when you open your email box you will check this:
All legitimate emails from PayPal will have the Truemark (lock) icon. If you receive an email claiming to come from PayPal and you do not see the Truemark icon, do not trust it.

For a current list of Iconix compatible email clients, please click here:

Additional support and contact information for Iconix can be found at:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Foodily is  a food site. More accurately, we are the world’s largest recipe network, bringing together recipes from across the web so you can compare any recipe and find the ones your friends like.

 Foodily is a food based social network that lets you learn new recipes via videos. You can even participate and make your own recipe video

What is MyWebCareer?

MyWebCareer is the free service that helps you to discover, evaluate, and manage online data that may help your career prospects.

At MyWebCareer we have created a free online service that enables you to uncover and evaluate your digital footprint.

Your online profile plays a huge role in your professional life as more and more head hunters look to your Web reputation. This site helps you determine what companies see when they search for you


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